Palomar Amateur Radio Club

Welcome to the Palomar Amateur Radio Club

Founded in 1936, PARC endeavors to serve the amateur radio community in San Diego County through various events and assets. Starting with monthly club meetings, weekly nets, and annual events (such as Field Day), PARC has a place for just about everyone. Our nets include the traditional NTS traffic net, emergency service nets such as Palomar, MARA, SATERN, and the Red Cross, and a number of special interest nets, such as Handi-Hams, Microwave, Off-Road, Ham Help, Hikers, and Facetious Group nets.

With repeaters high upon Palomar Mountain, we are able to serve the local community under almost any condition, and particularly in times of need.

Come by and visit with us on the first Wednesday evening of each month at the Carlsbad Safety Center. See you there, Steve Early, AD6VI, (former) President

Field Day Planning Net active now through Field Day at 8pm on the 146.730 MHz repeater, every Wednesday except the first Wednesday of each month (which is club meeting night).

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This Month's Meeting

The meeting will be held at the

Carlsbad Safety Center
2560 Orion Way

The meeting will be held on May 6, 2015 (the first Wednesday of the month) at 7:30pm. Arrive at 7:00 for chit-chat. Talk-in on 146.730 MHz repeater. Directions to the Safety Center.

Dr. Eric Wenaas will be our program presenter at the May meeting. This presentation will cover the evolution of early radio detectors from the time of Heinrich Hertz in 1887 to the dawn of the broadcast era in the early 1920s. The talk will be accompanied by actual examples of each detector type, such as the Marconi Magnetic Detector shown below. It will also be accompanied by several demonstrations to illustrate the operation of certain devices such as the coherer.

Eric P. Wenaas has had a lifelong passion for antique radios beginning with his first Radiola and crystal set given to him as a young man growing up in Chicago by family friends. He experimented with radio devices and repaired radios and televisions as a hobby while in high school, and went on to study electrical engineering at Purdue University. At SUNY in Buffalo, NY, he earned a Ph.D., and then spent many years in the defense industry.

In 2002, he set out to research the early days of wireless and document interesting historical vignettes based on original documents of the era. He has written numerous articles for the AWA Review published by the Antique Wireless Association, the AWA Journal, and Antique Radio Classified, and published a critically acclaimed book in 2007, Radiola: The Golden Age of RCA - 1919-1929, covering the early history of RCA—including the formative years of the Marconi Telegraph Company of America.

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