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PARC General Monthly Meeting
Wednesday 06 May 2020, 07:30pm - 09:00pm
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Contact Joe K6JPE 619.630+8283
Please join us at on Wednesday, May 6th at 19:30 Pacific for our first virtual club meeting!
Almost everyone has a cell phone but considers the difference between phones to be whether or not it's Apple or Android. Irrelevant of the fact that most people consider the operating system the definitive difference between phones, what does a cell phone look like from the perspective of an amateur radio operator. What are the frequencies that it operates on, the number and types of transceivers, and the communications mode? We will take a moderate depth look into what is cell phone is from the viewpoint of amateur radio.
So in reality, all of us have a quad-band HT.
We will meet ONLINE ONLY due to the current stay-at-home orders and COVID-19 situation.