Palomar Amateur Radio Club

Welcome to the Palomar Amateur Radio Club

Founded in 1936, PARC endeavors to serve the amateur radio community in San Diego County through various events and assets. Starting with monthly club meetings, weekly nets, and annual events (such as Field Day), PARC has a place for just about everyone. Our nets include the traditional NTS traffic net, emergency service nets such as Palomar, MARA, SATERN, and the Red Cross, and a number of special interest nets, such as Handi-Hams, Microwave, Off-Road, Ham Help, Hikers, and Facetious Group nets.

With repeaters high upon Palomar Mountain, we are able to serve the local community under almost any condition, and particularly in times of need.

Come by and visit with us on the first Wednesday evening of each month at the Carlsbad Safety Center. See you there, Steve Early, AD6VI, (former) President

Picnic August 23

The annual picnic is scheduled for Sunday, August 23, starting at 9am and lasting through the late afternoon. We've reserved Area 4 at the San Dieguito County Park. There will be a hidden transmitter hunt, and an HF radio setup on 10, 15, and 20 meters.

The club will provide the main course. Please bring an item from the following list and some drinks. If your last name begins with:
A-K: side dish or casserole
L-R: salad, vegetables, or fruit
S-Z: dessert

Throughout the year, club members earn participation points for signing in at various club activities, including regular monthly meetings, repeater site work parties, operating days, and Field Day. At the picnic, club members redeem those participation points for tickets in the annual prize drawing.

This Month's Meeting

The meeting will be held at the

Carlsbad Safety Center
2560 Orion Way

The meeting will be held on September 2, 2015 (the first Wednesday of the month) at 7:30pm. Arrive at 7:00 for chit-chat. Talk-in on 146.730 MHz repeater. Directions to the Safety Center.

The September program: Kevin KK6FRK talks about Ham Radio and Scouting. Kevin will discuss the actions being taken to get scouts interested in ham radio and electronics, and will tell us about all the ham radio activities planned leading to the 2015 Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) in October.

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