Please join us on this page the 1st Wednesday of each month at 19:00 hours Pacific Time for our General Membership Meeting.

Join us on Zoom or watch below

Meeting ID: 987 3689 7490

Passcode: 001960

(Please stop the video on this page if you are joining us via Zoom to prevent echo!)

The agenda for these meetings is as follows;

19:30 - 

Welcome and Pledge of Allegiance

19:32 - 

Visitor recognition via live chat below

19:35 - 

License upgrades via live chat below

19:40 - 

Announcements (Joe K6JPE)

19:45 - 


Committee and Chair Reports

  • Repeater and Site (Mark KF6WTN)
  • Membership (Glenn AI6RR)

19:55 - 

Board Introductions

20:00 - 

Presentation Topic

What "else" can you do on RF besides voice and video?

After the meeting, please join your fellow HAMs on 147.075 repeater for an informal round-table.