Members of Palomar Amateur Radio Club have also access to the following:

Vacuum Tube Bank

 Parc has a tube bank that includes many 6 & 12 volt receiving tubes (and some transmitting types) for use by club members to repair their own personal equipment. Not for commercial use or resale. If we have your requests, we will pre-check the tubes and deliver them to you at the next club meeting

Vacuum Tube spreadsheet: John has sent us an Excel spreadsheet with the inventory of the available tubes (updated 9/14/2018)


Equipment for Loan

 The club has the following equipment available for loan to members:

  • HP 8640B signal generator
  • Coaxial Dynamics (Bird 43 equivalent) wattmeter/SWR meter
  • Texscan CATV spectrum analyzer 50-400 MHz
  • MFJ 259 RF analyzer

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to borrow the gear ot the tubes.