Please join us on this page the 1st Wednesday of each month at 19:00 hours Pacific Time for our General Membership Meeting.

NOTE March 3rd meeting starts 30 minutes early AT 7:00 PM Pacific!

Join us on Zoom or watch below

(Please stop the video on this page if you are joining us via Zoom to prevent echo!)

The agenda for these meetings is as follows;

19:30 - 

Welcome and Pledge of Allegiance

19:32 - 

Visitor recognition via live chat below

19:35 - 

License upgrades via live chat below

19:40 - 

Announcements (Joe K6JPE)

19:45 - 


Committee and Chair Reports

  • Repeater and Site (Mark KF6WTN)
  • Membership (Glenn AI6RR)

19:55 - 

Board Introductions

20:00 - 

Presentation Topic

After the meeting, please join your fellow HAMs on 147.075 repeater for an informal round-table.