We're putting together polo shirt orders!!! 

We asked around and an overwhelming majority of members wanted polo shirts with pockets, so we teamed up with BigFrog Custom T-Shirts to come up with a solution.

What we came up with are the Hanes 054P Pocket Polo shirt.  There are a few options, you can get them with the club logo on the right front, and your name/call on the left front (over the pocket) with nothing on the back.  This is the base cost of $21.00 for our bulk order (2XL +$2.00, 3XL +$3.50, 4XL +$5.00).

If you want the logo larger and on the back, you can have this instead of the front logo or in addition, the cost is $5.00 extra either way.

We can also do the same in white, but with a full color logo in the same options, the prices are the same as above.


Please contact the board for more information or to place your order!

Include:Name and Callsign (as you want it to appear), Size, Polo/Tshirt, Color (blue or white), and where you want the logo (front, back, or both).